UFC Fighters And What They Drive

UFC fighters make tremendous amounts of income. The competitors drive vehicles similar to their brash attitudes in the octagon. They should be able to own anything they desire from the amount of punishment the fighters receive in the ring. Fighter’s style in vehicles varies as their abilities to do combat inside the ring. Listed here are some of the popular fighters on the planet who own some of the best vehicles available.

Connor McGregor’s Rolls-Royce Ghost

McGregor’s Rolls Royce features a powerful 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12. The engine is rated at over 550 horsepower. His vehicle is a mean machine, just like Conner’s attitude inside the ring. The auto’s dark exterior has his image on the sides in vinyl with the word “notorious” written besides his image. He is a serious car collector with an extensive collection.

Dominick Cruz’s Nissan GT-R

Cruz’s 2012 Nissan is built for speed and comfort. The vehicle is fast, just as Dominick is about speed in the ring. His 2-door hardtop is valued at a modest $120,000. He also has a Toyota Tundra and a Honda Civic in his collection. He is a two-time UFC bantamweight champion.

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